Going Green

OES believes in kindness, not only to humanity but also to Mother Earth. That is why we have started moving towards going green in all our schools, kindergartens and buildings.

As a first step, we have installed Photovoltaic-Technology (PV) at NOS Shmaisani, utilizing the sun as an alternative source of energy. The system comprises of 248.8kWp with just over 900 PV panels, taking up some 3,600m2, which is most, if not all the space on the NOS Shmaisani rooftops.  The electricity is fed to the school, and any excess production is injected and metered into the electricity company allowing the school to collect credit during the summer period and off days when there is no consumption.

The system saves the school thousands of JDs per year, but – more importantly – it saves over 300 ton of CO2 emissions annually.

The next step is replacing all existing lamps, bulbs and floodlights in all OES premises with eco-friendly “Light Emitting Diodes” (LED), which contain less harmful material than the traditional lights and are extremely energy efficient and long lasting.