Culture & Sports Building

The Sports & Culture Building, which was inaugurated on April 14, 2016, is considered one of OES’s most important achievements in recent years and an important athletic and cultural landmark in the area of Shmaisani.
The building consists of:
- A large indoor gym
- State-of-the-art theater
- Two large multi-purpose halls, fully furnished, fully-equipped with audio-visual equipment suitable for seminars, lectures, conferences, exhibitions and bazaars. 
In addition to a number of smaller rooms and support facilities.
We are proud of this accomplishment which his considered a qualitative addition to what was previously accomplished in the realm of facilities to support the learning process at OES’s educational institutions.
The Culture & Sports Building Committee and the OES Board of Directors welcome all OES members and supporters to visit and tour the building in order to learn more about its facilities. This is an open invitation from OES to all its members and the local community to visit the Building and get to know its facilities in order to make use of them. For more information about the building or how to reserve any of its facilities, please OES Public Relations Manager Attallah Hindeleh, Tel +962-5674418/9 ext. 22, or by e-mail: