Our Vision, Mission, Goals
Our Vision

The Orthodox Educational Society (OES) is a  national, charitable organization that serves the community and helps its progress through education and training, cultural awareness and provision of social and humanitarian services to promote virtue and high moral values, especially love, humbleness, honesty, justice, equality, compassion, diligence, solidarity and fellowship among all.

Our Mission

OES aspires to prepare enlightened generations of youth from all segments of society, who believe in God and are loyal to their country, loving towards others, well-educated and guided by solid values and noble human virtues; generations capable of contributing to the development and welfare of society through OES’s educational and social institutions, as well as through its spiritual, cultural, social, artistic and athletic activities and its cooperation with other national and Orthodox institutions who share similar goals and activities.

Our Goals
OES’s main goals:
  • Establishment and administration of educational institutions including schools, colleges, universities, in line with the education laws and curricula valid in Jordan.
  • Helping children of limited-income families to receive quality education.
  • Establishment and administration of humanitarian, charitable institutions.
  •  Helping families with limited-income.
  • Promoting social consciousness and responsibility and preserving principles of virtue and morality.
OES has no political or sectarian aims or activities; it offers its services to all citizens equally. 
  • To provide opportunities for advanced and renewed academic and professional learning for those who seek it; and to provide financial assistance, within OES’s means, for those who cannot afford it.
  • To recruit highly qualified, experienced, reputable faculty members to work in OES’s educational institutions, and to create a motivational teaching environment that can raise the performance level of both faculty and students.
  • To appoint qualified management that believes in OES’s mission and that will work diligently and whole-heartedly to achieve its goals.
  • To work on development and diversity of educational curricula, keeping abreast with the latest in the field, especially with regards to the use of new teaching, learning and training technologies and methods, in line with laws and regulations issued by the concerned official bodies.
  • To work on the spiritual growth of youth and on instilling in them the principles of belief in God, love and respect for others, loyalty to their country and diligence. 
  • To provide learning and training opportunities, locally or abroad, for those working in OES’s educational institutions, based on the Society’s needs and programs, and in line with the applicable bylaws and regulations.  
  • To implement modern educational methods and provide a variety of counseling services and to support different types of co-curricular activities as well as to offer additional programs to help students develop a well-rounded personality-  including students with learning difficulties - commensurate with their mental and physical abilities, talents and interests, inside, as well as outside, the premises of OES’s educational institutions, in Jordan or abroad, in line with the applicable bylaws and regulations.  
  • Advancing the reputation of OES’s educational institutions through cooperation with other educational and cultural organizations, nationally, regionally and internationally; by holding athletic, cultural and artistic events; organizing conferences, training sessions and seminars in OES’s educational institutions; and publicizing students’ academic, cultural, artistic and athletic achievements in various media outlets.
  • Aspiring to establish an institution/ institutions for all levels of higher education, to provide opportunities for high-quality education in the areas of science, administration and humanities in a manner that contributes to the community’s sustainable development and meets the most up-to-date public and private accreditation and quality assurance criteria, locally and internationally.
  • Working on continuously updating and improving OES’s bylaws and administrative structures in a manner that meets the Society’s needs and helps achieve its goals.
  • Working on developing and investing OES’s financial resources in order to support its activities and for further development of its academic and cultural institutions in a manner that serves its members, and in line with the applicable bylaws and regulations.  
  • Working on building and sustaining ties between OES and the alumni of its academic institutions and strengthening and expanding the alumni network, for mutual benefit among all.  
  • Working on helping the alumni of OES’s academic institutions to pursue higher education in national and international institutions, according to their desire and means and according the Society’s means and in line with the applicable bylaws and regulations.
  • Working on the establishment and management of charitable organizations that provide social and humanitarian services in line with the Society’s mission and goals.
  • Strengthening the relationship with other national and Orthodox societies that have similar goals to OES.