Membership and Governance
Membership and Governance
OES membership consists of Working Members and Support members. The OES Board of Directors grants working membership status to those members it feels exhibit a desire and commitment to volunteer and serve whole-heartedly. Support members have the same rights as working members, except for the right to vote and run for elections.
The OES Executive Board is elected by the working members, in elections that are held once every two years. Nine men and four women are elected to serve on a volunteer basis pro-bono for a two-year term.The OES Executive Board presents an annual report detailing the outcome of its work and its financial status for discussion and approval by the General Assembly once a year during the ordinary General Assembly meeting.
In order to organize the society’s work, the Executive Board has formed a number of Committees which include working and support members. Each committee is lead by a Board member. The roles and responsibilities of each committee are set in line with the OES bylaws and goals. Board members share the work of the different committees as necessary during their weekly meeting.
All follow-up regarding the implementation of decisions taken during Board meetings and on projects approved by the Board is carried out on a daily basis by the staff of the OES Administrative Office team.