Welcome Message
Welcome Message
Welcome Message
On behalf of my colleagues, the members of the Orthodox Educational Society Board of Directors, I am pleased to welcome you to the OES website. Along with the sites of the educational institutions working under the OES umbrella, we hope this serves as yet another open channel of communication to help us provide the best service to our students and the various segments of society which we serve.
Established in 1957, OES is one of the oldest societies in Jordan. We are proud to be pioneers in providing humanitarian and educational services to all members of our Jordanian community. Our main focus is on education. The schools we have established include the two National Orthodox Schools in the areas of Shmaisani and Ashrafiyeh, as well as their kindergartens, Wahbeh Tamari Kindergarten and Ashrafiayeh Kindergarten respectively. Thousands of the sons and daughters of our beloved Jordan have graduated from these reputable academic establishments, moving on to serve in various positions, many of them becoming prominent leaders in different fields.
As a next step, we are looking into the establishment of a National Orthodox University, with focus on offering specializations needed by the Jordanian labor market as well as the markets of neighboring Arab countries. This is one of the projects that we are exploring to maximize benefit for the community from the lands that OES owns in Um Al-Kundum area on the outskirts of Amman.
Our society is a national, charitable, non-profit organization par excellence. We are here to serve all, regardless of race or religion, based on our deep commitment to Arab Nationalism. Our sublime mission is to serve as many people as possible from middle and limited-income families in our beloved Jordan.
Our society and schools work to instill values of patriotism and model citizenship among all members of the Jordanian family. 
The other important focus for our work is the humanitarian dimension. We provide financial aid and tuition waivers for many of our students from limited-income families. We also provide financial and in-kind aid to many families through our Winter Charity Campaign and other annual goodwill campaigns.
In the near future, we aim to open schools outside the capital, Amman, to spread our services to a larger segment of Jordanian society. To this end, we are working on reinforcing and developing the work of all our committees, including the “Strategic Planning & Resource Development Committee” to help secure the funds needed to further achieve the important social role that OES plays.
We eagerly seek to establish and maintain close contact with all our children: the NOS Alumni. Our connections to them and their involvement is vital to the sustainable success of our mission. They are the heirs that we hope will carry on what the consecutive OES Executive Boards have toiled to establish.
Again, I welcome you and any comments or suggestion you might have to help us improve the services of our society and our schools.
OES Board of Directors 
The Orthodox Educational Society
Ihsan Hamarneh, MD.