• Sunday Schools Centers

Sunday Schools Centers
Sunday Schools welcome school children from kindergarten through high school. Students learn about religion and the history of the Fatherly Saints and sing hymns.  The sessions are conducted by volunteers know as “Sunday School servants” in halls and schools in certain geographical areas administered by the SSSYC under the umbrella of OES. The sessions are supervised by a number of priests who provide moral and spiritual support to the Sunday Schools servants.
Each Friday, Sunday School meetings begin with participation in the Divine Liturgy in the parish churches, followed by religious class, Orthodox hymns and songs, and some fun games and sports in a friendly, loving atmosphere. OES provides bus transportation for students from their homes to the centres and back, free of charge.   
The current Sunday School centres are in the following areas:  
Shmaisain, al-Taj, Marka, Abu Nsair, Safout, Anjara, al-Wahdanah and al-Zarqa.