• Our Services

Our Services


Over the past six decades, tens of thousands of our brethren, Christians and Muslims, Jordanians, Arabs and other residents in the kingdom, have benefitted from the various services we provide. These services include:  

Educational Services:
  • Affordable high-quality education at all our schools. It is worth mentioning that we became accredited and full members of the Council of International Schools (CIS) in 2014.
  • Scholarships for graduate studies at Jordanian universities for teachers and staff of OES institutions.
Spiritual Services:
  • Spiritual guidance at our Sunday Schools centers across Jordan.
  • Scholarships for Theology students at the University of Balamand in Lebanon and at various universities in Greece.
  • Development of curricula for religious education.
  • Religious education and teacher training for Sunday Schools servants.
  • Translation and publication of Christian Orthodox religion books and studies.
Cultural and Social Services:
  • Lectures, seminars and other cultural events.
  • Parties and other social events.
  • Humanitarian visits presenting financial and in-kind gifts to refugees from neighboring Arab countries.
  • Charity bazaars.
Charitable Services
  • Education Financial Aid through partial or full tuition waivers at our schools for children of clergymen as well as children of limited-income families in the amount of JD 450,000 (approximately $630,000) annually.
  • In-kind assistance to around (450) families through the annual Winter Goodwill Campaign and the Easter Goodwill Campaign.
  • Financial assistance to limited-income families.
  • Humanitarian aid (for Syrian and Iraqi refugees).