• Sub-Comittees

The Sunday Schools and Youth Committee’s role is divided among specialised sub-committees under close supervision from the main Committee.  
1. Centres Committee (CC):
-     Developing systematic and practical plans for implementation in the Sunday School centers.
-     Providing the centres with religious books and references.
-     Supporting and following-up on the OES Sunday Schools and Spiritual Youth centres in the different governorates and training Sunday School servants to spread the Word.
-     Organising summers camps combining students from all the centres according to age groups in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation among them.
-     Organizing meetings for the centers’ staff and school teachers.
-     Compiling and digitizing data about the centers, their servants and students.
-     Following up on the implementation of the centers’ annual and quarterly plans.
-     Following up on the activities reports and submitting them to the Committee and the OES “Mahaba” newsletter and activating the committee's web page.
2. Religious Studies Alumni Committee:
-       Organizing social and spiritual activities aimed at unifying the parish community and preserving true Orthodox faith.
-       Spreading spiritual awareness among parishioners through religious and social events and activities with a spiritual-cultural dimension and holding an annual Alumni gathering.
-       Communicating with Alumni through social networking pregrammes.
3. Budget Committee:
-       Following-up on the centres' budgets and preparing the annual budget.
-       Following-up on the centres’ needs and distributing them as necessary.
4. Curriculum Committee:
-       This committee has prepared and authored Christian Religious Studies curricula in for grades 1-9 and it is working on further developing and authoring curricula for all grades.
5. Translation, Publication and Distribution Committee:
- Responsible for translating, publishing and distributing foreign films and translating and publishing Orthodox spiritual and educational books.