• Spiritual Youth Centers

Spiritual Youth Centers
The Spiritual Youth centres are distributed in various cities across Jordan. The centres hold weekly meetings for their members, consisting of university students and graduates, under the supervision of committed servants who work hard, stressing the importance of spiritual care for this age group which is considered by our Fatherly Saints “the lung of the church and its lively heart." The Spiritual Youth Committee organizes different ranging from workshops, to lectures and camps inside and outside Jordan.
The current Spiritual Youth Committee centres are:
 St. Peter Youth / Shmaisani - Mother of Our Lord Youth /al-Taj, St. Nicolas Youth / al-Sareeh, St. Georgious Youth/ al-Zarqa.
Moreover, OES always used to send its Sunday Schools and Spiritual Youth servants to participate in the activities of the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth (SYNDESMOS) and its training courses in the Middle East (SYNDESMOS ME), which used to be held annually in Jordan and attended by Sunday Schools and SY servants and members from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.