• Membership Committee

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee studies all membership applications and presents recommendations to the OES Board as to who should be accepted as Supporting and Acting Members, based on the applicants’ willingness to help on volunteer basis and taking into consideration how much their experience and knowledge background can help with the tasks that will be asked of them.
Committee Members:

Mr. George Mushahwar (Committee Head), Mrs. Nuha Shnoudi (Deputy Head), Eng. Emile Ghoury, Mr. Ibrahim Nino, Ms. Fadia Haddad, Ms. Fomia Issa, Mr. Rami Shaban, Ms. Rana Sindaha, Ms. Rania Muna, Ms. Shorouq Hamarneh, Ms. Rania Akkawi, Ms. Marlein Liddawi, Mr. Attallah Hindeleh.